We live in an era when mass communications are of critical importance to public, political and commercial organizations.

With information continuously flowing through multiple channels simultaneously, there is an urgent need for ongoing, professional scanning of newspapers, websites, radio and television channels, and for the dependable delivery of relevant information in real time, enabling organizations to quickly respond to media mentions about themselves, and to keep track of their competitors.

There are times when the regular supply of real-time information is not sufficient. For example, when an exceptionally large number of articles and media mentions appear within a short time, it is difficult for decision makers to develop an accurate picture of how their organization appears in the media. One of the solutions for this problem is a sophisticated content analysis service through which the organization can receive weekly or monthly updates, describing media coverage; this information can be divided into neutral, positive and negative categories, allowing a rapid grasp of the situation. With this type of analysis in front of them, decision makers can more effectively and efficiently plan their media strategy.